barn at sunset

One can well imagine entering a beautiful scene as pictured above. To enjoy is to embrace a place, an object, a person, something… anything… with all one’s senses simultaneously.

Awareness and receptiveness are the keys. Despite its harshness, the world is beautiful. Where else would you rather live? With determination and a few tricks in how you perceive the world and virtue, you can enjoy beautiful moments of flow and ecstasy here for the taking.

An egret in action.

No matter what happens in life – good, bad, boring – with a philosophy of enjoyment you can say to yourself and anyone who hears, “It was great! Totally enjoyable! Beautiful! Even when it was bad, it was good. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I die with no egrets (pun intended).”

doodlesThis isn’t serious. It is light. It is fun. It is about your enjoyment without hurting anyone.

The pages of this site are written with one intention: to further a philosophy of living enjoyment. Money has no part in it. The entire thing is an act of persuasion.

In the battle of life, you win by enjoying in a way that is natural. This is the magic of life.

To enjoy life is a challenge. It is a call to action – not to enjoy in an egotistical, “I’ll do what I want!” kind of way, but a harmonized way. You may feel separate from the world, but you’re not.

true grit
Enjoy a True Grit (2010) theme song.

This is not a survival of the fittest game. You are like a flower contributing enjoyment in a field. To enjoy living is why we’re here.

Real enjoyment takes an act of contemplation, intelligence, love, kindness, virtue, humility, humour and above all, true grit.

seashellsAbout two posts a month are made. Posts are laced with links to music, imagery, science, literature… anything is fodder for wisdom. A philosophy of enjoyment is not for academics who knock the love out of being. This philosophy is for ordinary people in an ordinary world that goes round and round like a basketball orbiting a nuclear explosion.

Do you have the will to enjoy?

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