The Philosophy of Enjoyment is not serious. It is light. It’s not complicated. It’s obvious. This is not a philosophy for professional philosophers in an intellectual, analytical or academic sense.

This is your philosophy. It’s what you make. It’s an improvisation. You can choose to be happy if you want. It’s about getting in touch with what’s really going on and asking yourself, “Who am I?” and answering, “I am I am!” like Nacho Libre.


There’s nothing mysterious in this. Philosophy is the love of wisdom and everyone knows what enjoyment is. Everyone enjoys being happy. Enjoyment is what life is about. It’s just that, sometimes… as human beings, we get confused. We become mental beings and “things” to ourselves and each other. We think too much and love too little. We forget how to enjoy like we might have when we were very young children.

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by bad days and enjoyment gets measured. We forget why we’re here. We get self-indulgent. Do we survive to survive or is there something more to this thing called, “My life”? A Philosopher of Enjoyment says, “Of course there is!” We live to enjoy living. We enjoy all that is living and enjoying by loving, living and enjoying!

Picture an untouched field of wild flowers. Each flower is unique and yet, the same. Each flower is like a person (except without leaves and/or roots). Each flower is different but comes out of the same field and so do people. We come out of the same field. We’re earthlings. Just as the earth flowers and “an apple tree apples,” so too does the earth “people” (The Earth is Peopling).

lucky momentsThis philosophy asks you to do one thing: Look at your surroundings. If you don’t have eyes, use the senses you have. Go into a blank stare or earth-trance for a minute or two—not when you’re driving (that wouldn’t be good). Go into the field of life without expectation. Just see, breathe, taste, hear and feel. Experience living and in so doing: Enjoy the feeling.

Return to seeing as the child you were. See fresh. See new. Forget about the person in the mirror and look outward.

Embrace your thoughts and feelings and dig them in the context of your surroundings. Feel aware of reality and your body in it. Imagine enjoying living in the world as the world itself. Imagine that you don’t end in an envelope of skin.

Enjoyment is an attitude, a kind of receptivity. Go quiet for a minute and listen. Smell the air (hopefully it’s fresh!). Enjoyment is not about doing anything in particular. Enjoy work. Enjoy play. Enjoy every other day. The trick is to enjoy. Look for the silver lining and see my blue heaven.

Do you have the will to enjoy?

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