Enjoyment is Emergent


Welcome to another reminder of what’s important: Enjoyment. Which isn’t to say that this about an enjoyment of a superficial sort. Far from it. Something deeper and significant is available to you. The enjoyment espoused here ripples outward. It’s an immersion.

fools goldEnjoyment focused on self-interests, cravings, successes and outlooks is like a chunk of fools gold. Egotistical pseudo-enjoyment is pyrite enjoyment.

So put on your old philosophical shoes (the ones that disappear in wearing), lighten up and sing Broncho’s, “Chill down, I’m doing great. Doing well is pretty vague” (Class Historian).shoes

Let the sun shine. Walk a thin line. There’s gotta be rain some time. The perfect situation is rarely realized when you have expectations.

A philosophy of enjoyment is about getting out of your way to enjoy rare moments when there are no threats or demands on you, when your body is comfortable, when cravings are still and passions go quiet.

gooseIn such moments of contentment you merge with natural things like trees, geese… a lake. Imagine being deep down looking up at the surface. The waves may be rough, but it doesn’t matter to you in the serenity of the bottom.

From this depth of mind you look upward and simply enjoy observing emotions, happenings and memories rocking above.

We normally see our world as objects and individualized things – this person, that person; this table; that tree; that squirrel climbing. These individual beings have their own characteristics of size, shape and colour; they may be hot or cold, quiet or noisy, still or in motion and so on but… what if…

What if there is only one substance and it’s infinite? Think about it metaphorically. Imagine that everything is of one substance like an ocean without boundaries and individual beings or “things” are like waves. Each wave has its shape for a time, but the wave is not separate from the ocean. A wave can’t exist independently of the ocean.


There are two ways to look at life in the world. You can see life in egotistical terms from the limited point of view of self-motivations (as in: “Me! Me! Me! Give me! I want! I need!) or you can see the big picture and look at things globally and eternally.


Our senses pull us towards a time-bound partial view but reason and intelligence in harmony with sensual awareness can actually give you access to another perspective. It can allow you to participate in an eternal totality (Spinoza).

moon reflectionWe call “bad” what is bad for us and “good” what increases our advantage but to be ethical you rise above local concerns to become aware of relationships. Likewise, lasting happiness lies in aligning your will with everything around you.

Pure enjoyment is rooted to a life based in freedom from guilt, from sorrow, from pity and shame.

The wise person understands how and why things are. Everything has its complexities. It’s your job to try and understand. Wisdom lies not in protesting how things are but in attempting to understand the ways of the world and then, to bow peacefully to necessity.


The wise person sees not just from local eyeballs but from a non-locality imagined in the big picture like a curious satellite or hovering thought. Uncritical satisfaction with eternity is the spirit of enjoyment.

man in yellow hatAnger is controlled by taking the time to consider that life isn’t supposed to be as we expect it to be (Seneca). Dogs on a leash strangle themselves fighting against constraints but we have reason. We can feel happier knowing how to act freely within the length of our leashes ascribed by the universe.

Enjoyment. What is it? “A feeling of pleasure caused by doing or experiencing something you like” (Merriam-Webster). Easy. It’s a good feeling. Simple.  Go with it. It’s a, “I know it when I feel it!” kind of thing.


It’s a bit like gardening. You prepare the soil. Plant the seed. Water and sun. Let nature take its course. Hope for the best. You create the circumstances, have faith, and get out of the way.

The list of things to enjoy is endless. You can enjoy a hot beverage, a vacation, the beach, friends, playing Parcheesi after a shot of heroin while wearing yellow but profound enjoyment doesn’t happen according to individual parts. It emerges like a flock of birds.

flock of birds

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Enjoyment depends on the relationships of the parts – one to another – but it can’t be predicted by examining the parts. It’s about relationships.

Having good relationships is a strong predictor of happiness (The Cultural Animal: Human Nature, Meaning and Life). Being alone is good, but being together now and again is better.

You are an emergent enjoyment as in Manfred Mann’s Earth Band song, “You are – you are -you are (fading). The eye glass of the nearly, nearly blind. You are the foot print in the sand of Easter Island. You are – you are – you are (fading). The fusion in the furnace of the sun” (You Are – I Am).

Have faith. Enjoyment is there. It’s just a matter of being aware.

Be ready.


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A Philosopher of Enjoyment.

4 thoughts on “Enjoyment is Emergent”

    1. Yes! right you are! Thanks! It is an amazing approach. I don’t even think it takes much persuasion or another person’s opinion to prove it. It is each person’s experience. Living and enjoying (which I consider synonymous with the meaning of living) proves the point.

      I like what you say: the meaning of life is also emergent. “Meaning emerges.” (Brilliant.) I like that. But here’s the question, what that meaning is – now there’s food for thought.

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  1. Meaning would not be an inherent property of life and would not be a thing to be found or specified. It would be a complex individual response to an experience which, at least sometimes, lacks happiness in it. The meaning would be different for any and each person, and would even change with time ( a child who wants to be firefighter eventually wants to be a hero for his family or a country ). This meaning would be a dialogue with life, because it is life itself who questions man by challenging him, by making him uncomfortable, by confusing and hurting him. Because it is life itself that doesn’t proceed rationally, symmetrically, axiomatically, straightforwardly, seamlessly. Universe invites everyone to find a meaning, it doesn’t impose one, universal meaning to all, althought I think there is a limit to what we might want and what we might want is basically more often similar than dissimilar. I think it’s important to note that universe doesn’t guarantee us happiness and no one is happy for 100% of time.

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  2. That is very well put! We all know how life is all over the place sometimes. We plan, but you never know. I think happiness comes out of those ups and downs and wisdom is being in balance with them. I think happiness is to love life in all its aspects – that way, you can feel happy even when you don’t get what you want. Like the song says, “I beg your pardon. There’s gotta’ be a little rain sometimes.”

    “Meaning is a dialogue with life.” I”ll ponder that! I would say the meaning is the doing. Like a flower flowers. There is no meaning to a flower. It’s meaning is what it’s doing. I’d say that your meaning and my meaning is right now – is to philosophise about life as friends from afar. Thanks again!


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