Here’s The Thing


Everyone knows that horrible, terrible, and disgusting things happen. The News is not always good. People are nuts. Flies exist and it’s hard to open a pickle jar now and again, but that’s beside the point!

We know that bad stuff happens! It’s obvious – just look around – but could bad stuff be just a distraction? With your head well-above the sand, you can probably see how life oscillates between good and bad, on and off, life and death. First good, then bad, then good, bad, bad, good – you get the picture. Life is fraught with adversity. Life lives off of itself. It truly is a bitter sweet symphony.

If you want to enjoy the experience of living as you are in this body with that face that looks back at you dumbly, you have to try to enjoy living. In so doing enjoyment is shared forward. This is your Philosophy of Enjoyment. It comes with a money back guarantee.

anger controlIf you want to will yourself happy, you need the courage and freedom to become nothing but an impersonal consciousness. This isn’t to say that you don’t care for others, it’s just that you are willing to be light as a feather. To be nothing-but-an-impersonal-consciousness means that you excuse yourself from self-importance.

To enjoy, really enjoy, one must be so immersed that one becomes enjoyment. One becomes the eyes that see and the ears that hear. The islands of other selves all around are doing the same. Each person feels alone so be kind to every one of them, for each one is a another you.


What is the value of a frog? Not much, but the value of a frog to itself is priceless. A healthy frog is a happy frog. To live to enjoy living is what a frog appears to be doing. Why else would it try so hard to get away? A living frog wants to keep living. To be a frog another day is the goal of every frog eating a fly. That’s what this trip is about. It’s circular. To live is to enjoy living and to enjoy living is to make living enjoyable. You are like a frog except for the unexpectedly long sticky tongue.

No matter how great you might think you are: you’re not. Nobody is superior to any one else. Much depends on chance, opportunity and ability. People get misplaced priorities. They judge. They find fault or they grieve over faults. People get self-absorbed. They do some smart things and they do some stupid things, but when you get right down to it, under the skin, behind the eyes, in the heart, everybody is a lonely soul within a singularity.

The key to enjoyment is to lose one’s self in the enjoyment of living or, as Kurt Vonnegut so aptly put it, “We’re here to fart around.” Making a lot of yourself can get in the way of enjoyment. Expect what you get and get what you expect. The more important you think you are, the more you set yourself apart.

be present at all timesLife isn’t easy. Even those who find it easy say it isn’t. Why be surprised when there’s trouble? Trouble is part of not having trouble. Being untroubled is to be without it. The trick to enjoyment is to defy trouble. Troubling trouble by being untroubled is enjoyable. It’s fun to say, “Troubles be gone!” 

To be untroubled is freedom from trouble. Freedom from trouble is enjoyable. Anything enjoyable is itself enjoyable. Bring it on home!

Defy! Defy! Defy! Just as it is easier to endure pain, anxiety and calamity with defiance, so too is it easier to enjoy enjoyment by defying it to be otherwise. Troubles are doubled when one resigns to them. Without expectations one is never dissatisfied. Be the wedge between sensation and emotion and feel the magic of life living.

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3 thoughts on “Here’s The Thing”

  1. I thought if How I Spent My Fall Vacation by Bryce Cockburn reading this:

    I wonder what a Frog would think if it could know we think it is a Frog? No point worrying about it I guess, I’ll just be glad that if I ever see a creature frogging I can enjoy it without having to waste time wondering what to call it.


    1. That film excerpt, the music and your comment about not needing to waste time wondering what to call a frog is fantastic!! This is exactly what this is about. This is pure enjoyment. I loved the moodiness of the film and the way the happy lady woke up smiling and then she picked up the child and rushed outside with her husband wearing yin and yan black and white leggings. I felt their enthusiasm. It felt like waking up in a tent feeling good to be alive. The music went perfectly with the film clip. I don’t understand any of what was going on in the film and the lyrics to the song were quite deep but in not understanding, I felt happy! I don’t need to understand! Putting it together without putting it together is beautiful. It’s like a child looking at a frog without the name. To look at a frog that way is to really get the frog. It’s all too beautiful. The sheer poetry of seeing this was great. I have to watch it again. Thanks!


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