The First Step

ibisLet’s face it, everyone wants enjoyment. The world turns on it. Maybe you’ve heard of the will to live or the will to succeed but have you heard of the-will-to-enjoy? That’s what this is about.

The Philosophy of Enjoyment maintains that the purpose of life is to enjoy it. If you’re not enjoying life, there are ways to force yourself.

The first thing to remember is that this isn’t serious. Lot’s of people think they do perfectly fine without a philosophy. But some people – mainly searchers, artists and sensitive types – need a little help.

This philosophy is not for experts. It’s not academic or intellectual. It’s a practical philosophy for ordinary people, living ordinary lives.

The secret of life is NOT to improve yourself or the world.

The secret of life is to enjoy it in a certain way. This certain way is characterized as follows: it is calm, it is funny, it is humble, and it is in tune with nature. It is NOT dependent upon excitement, crowds, machines, technology or possessions.

first stepThe first step is ridiculously simple: Determination.

It is to be determined to enjoy yourself. It is to say to yourself, “Be it resolved that I will enjoy myself.

It is the determination of a person willing to be happy regardless of external circumstances. It is to not let difficult external circumstances get in the way of enjoyment. It is wrestling life to the ground, pinning it down and saying, “I will enjoy myself!

Take that first step: Decide to enjoy yourself no matter what. Be determined to enjoy. You can experience thrilling moments of ecstatic enjoyment right now no matter what the situation.

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